The Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive has a unique collection of banners, badges, tee-shirts and other non-print campaigning material from organisations such as C.H.E., Outrage! and Hyde Park Gays. (Printed campaign material is housed in the Hall-Carpenter Archives in the London School of Economics Library.)

16 Now: Equal Age of Consent "16" in red Hellenic border.
Outrage Blue mesh background, white lettering.
16 or Nothing, Lesbian And Gay Equality Now! "16" in red; "Now!" in red
Romania Stop Jailing Queers. "Romania" in red
Outrage Says Queer Is Cool! "Outrage" as the logo"; "Says Queer" in red; "Is" in yellow; "Cool!" in blue
Legislation for Lesbian and Gay Rights Campaign Yellow background, white inlets, black lettering.