Reference Library

The Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive has a reference library of approximately 1,000 LGBT* titles - non-fiction and fiction. We also have full runs of Gay News (1972-1984) and Gay Times.

Yugoslavia, Turkey, and Greece.
[Nelson, Michael]A Room in Chelsea Square
[Nelson, Michael]A Room in Chelsea Square
[Wilde, Oscar]An Oscar Wilde Day Book
[Wilde, Oscar]An Oscar Wilde Day Book
“Flame”A Life On The Game
Abbott, SteveWrecked Hearts. Poems.
Abelove, Henry; Barale, Michele Anna, and Halperin, David M.The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader
Ackerley, J. R.My Father and Myself
Ackland, ValentineFor Sylvia. An honest account.
ACLU (Boggan, E.)The Rights of Gay People
Adair, Nancy, and Adair, CaseyWord is Out. Stories of some of our lives.
Adam, PeterDavid Hockney and His Friends
Adam, PeterNot Drowning But Waving. An autobiography.
Adelson, Edward T. (ed.)Sexuality and Psychoanalysis
Age Of ConsentWorking Paper on the Age of Consent in relation to Sexual Offences
Age Of Consent, Working Paper on,Working Paper on the Age of Consent in relation to Sexual Offences
Albany TrustAbout Homosexuality
Albany TrustHomosexuality. Some questions and answers.
Aldrich, Robert, and Wotherspoon, Garry (eds.)Who’s Who in Contemporary Gay and Lesbian History
Aldrich, Robert, and Wotherspoon, Garry (eds.)Who’s Who in Gay and Lesbian History
All the Sad Young MenAll the Sad Young Men
All the Sad Young MenAll the Sad Young Men
Allan, JamesGrowing up Gay. New Zealand men tell their lives
Allen, Paula GunnThe Sacred Hoop. Recovering the feminine in American Indian traditions.
Allen, Sandra; Sanders, Lee, and Wallis, Jan (eds.)Conditions Of Illusion. Papers from the Women’s Movement.
Al-Tifashi, AhmadThe Delights Of Hearts or What You Will Not Find In Any Other Book
Altman, DennisAIDS and the New Puritanism
Altman, DennisHomosexual Oppression and Liberation
Altman, DennisHomosexual Oppression and Liberation
Altman, DennisHomosexual Oppression and Liberation
Altman, DennisHomosexual Oppression and Liberation
Altman, Dennis, et alHomosexuality, which Homosexuality? Essays from the International Scientific Conference on Lesbian and Gay Studies.
Alyson, Sasha (ed.)Young, Gay and Proud
Amnesty International United KingdomBreaking the Silence. Human rights violation based on sexual orientation.
Amory, MarkLord Berners. The last eccentric.
Amory, RichardListen, the Loon Sings…
Anderson, ChesterSee Valentine, John
Andros, PhilBelow the Belt and other stories
Andros, PhilRoman Conquests
Arditti, MichaelEaster
Arenas, ReinaldoBefore Night Falls. A memoir.
Argyle, Michael and Trower, PeterPerson to Person. Ways of communicating.
Aries, Philippe, and Bejin, AndreWestern Sexuality. Practice and precept in past and present times
Arimondi, VictorThe Look of Men
Armitage, Gary; Dicky, Julianne, and Sharples, Sue (eds.)Out of the Gutter. A survey of the treatment of homosexuality by the press.
Asprey, RobertThe Panther’s Feast
Auden, W HCollected Longer Poems
Aymar, BrandtThe Young Male Figure in Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings from Ancient Egypt to the Present
Babuscio, JackWe Speak for Ourselves. The experiences of gay men and lesbians.
Bailey, D S (ed.)Sexual Offenders and Social Punishment
Bailey, Derrick SherwinHomosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition
Bailey, PaulTrespasses
Baker, Daniel B., et alCracking the Corporate Closet. The 200 best
Baker, MichaelOur Three Selves. A life of Radclyffe Hall.
Baker, Michelle, and Tropiano, StephenQueer Facts. The greatest gay and lesbian trivia book ever…
Banks, John and Weitsch, MartinaMeeting Gay Friends. Essays by members of Friends Homosexual Fellowship.
Bannon, AnnI am a Woman
Baracks, Barbara, and Jarratt, KentSage Writings
Barbican Art Gallery and The Hatton GalleryDerek Jarman. A portrait.
Barnett, LeonardHomosexuality. Time to tell the truth.
Barns, Lawrence (ed.)The Male Nude in Photography
Barr, JamesQuatrefoil
Barr, JamesThe Occasional Man
Barrington, John S.Sexual Alternatives For Men. Facts and fantasies. Volume one. A report on male bisexual behaviour and contacts with homosexual men in the United Kingdom, 1960 to 1981.
Bartlett, Lee (ed.)Letters to Christopher. Stephen Spender’s letters to Christopher Isherwood 1929-1939.
Bartlett, NeilReady To Catch Him Should He Fall
Bartlett, NeilWho Was That Man? A present for Mr. Oscar Wilde.
Bartley III, W. W.Wittgenstein
Bataille, GeorgesEroticism
Batchelor, Edward (ed.)Homosexuality and Ethics
Baum, VickiThe Mustard Seed
Bayer, RonaldHomosexuality and American Psychiatry. The politics of diagnosis.
Beam, Joseph (ed.)In the Life. A black gay anthology.
Becker, Carol S.Unbroken Ties: Lesbian ex-lovers
Becker, Raymond deThe Other Face of Love
Beechey, Veronica and Donald, JamesSubjectivity and Social Relations
Bell, Alan P., and Weinberg, Martin S.Homosexualities. A study of diversity among men and women.
Benedict, JamesDistillations III Suites
Benedict, JamesGymnospheres
Benedict, JamesThe Baghdad Carpenter
Bengis, IngridCombat in the Erogenous Zones. Writings on love, hate and sex.
Bentley, EricLord Alfred’s Lover. A play.
Berger, John, and Bielski, NellaIsabelle: A story in shots.
Berger, Raymond M.Gay and Gray. The older homosexual man.
Bergler, EdmundHomosexuality, Disease or Way of Life?
Berkoff, StevenGross Intrusion and Other Stories
Berman, EdHomosexual Acts. A volume of gay plays.
Bernil, N. J.Sex and the Nature of Things
Berube, AllanComing out under fire. The history of gay men and women in World War Two.
Berzon, Berry, and Leighton, RobertPositively Gay. New approaches to gay life.
Bieber, IrvingHomosexuality. A psychoanalytic study.
Bigelow, JimThe Joy Of Uncircumcising. Restore your birthright and maximise sexual pleasure.
Binding, PaulHarmonica’s Bridegroom
Binyon, Mike; Ede, Ray, and Williams, Di Turning Points. Poems and stories by Northern gay writers.
Birmingham Gay Liberation Front. Gay Education GroupGrowing up Homosexual [10pp.]
Blackwood, Evelyn (ed.)The Many Faces of Homosexuality. Anthropological approaches to homosexual behaviour.
Blake, Nayland; Rinder, Lawrence, and Scholder, AmyIn A Different Light. Visual culture, sexual identity, queer practice.
Bloch, Ivan C.Sexual Life In England
Bloom, AmyNormal. Transsexual CEOs, crossdressing cops and hermaphrodites with attitude.
Blumenfeld, Warren J., and Raymond, DianeLooking at Gay and Lesbian Life
Bockris, VictorWith William Burroughs. Private conversations with a modern genius
Bogarde, DirkA Particular Friendship
Boggan, E. Carrington, and three othersThe Rights Of Gay People. An ACLU handbook
Borhek, Mary V.Coming Out to Parents. A two-way survival guide for lesbians and gay men and their parents.
Boswell, JohnChristianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality
Boyd, MalcolmAm I Running With You, God?
Boyd, MalcolmLook Back In Joy. A Celebration Of Gay Lovers.
Boyd, MalcolmTake off the Masks
Boyers, Robert, and Steiner, GeorgeHomosexuality. Sacrilege, vision, politics.
Brad, Harry (ed.)The Making of Masculinities. The new men’s studies.
Bradford, E. E.To Boys Unknown
Bradley, Marion ZimmerThe Catch Trap
Brain, RobertFriends and Lovers
Brainard, JoeRemember
Brass, PerryMirage.
Bray, Alan Homosexuality in Renaissance England
Braybrooke, Neville (ed.)The Letters of J. R. Ackerley
Brennand, FrankOscar Wilde
Bridges, George and Brunt, RosalindSilver Linings. Some strategies for the eighties.
Bright, SusieSusie Sexpert’s Lesbian Sex World
Brighton Ourstory ProjectDaring Hearts
Brighton Women and Science GroupAlice Through the Microscope. The power of science over women’s lives.
Britain, SloaneFirst Person, 3rd Sex. The world of the les… the furtive cult of strange loves and fierce passions.
Broad, LewisThe Truth about Oscar Wilde
Brogan, JimJack and Jim. A personal journal of the 70s.
Broman, SvenGarbo on Garbo
Bronski, MichaelCulture Clash. The making of gay sensibility.
Brooke, JocelynThe Scapegoat
Brown, FrederickAn Impersonation Of Angels. A biography of Jean Cocteau.
Brown, GeoffI Want What I Want
Brown, HowardFamiliar Faces, Hidden Lives. The story of homosexual men in America today.
Brown, Joe (ed.)A Promise to Remember. The Names Project book of letters.
Brown, Rita MaeIn Her Day
Browning, FrankThe Culture Of Desire. Paradox and perversity in gay lives today.
Brownmiller, SAgainst Our Will. Men, women and rape.
Bucher, GlennStraight/White/Male
Bucher, Irving (ed.)The Perverse Imagination. Sexuality and literary culture.
Buckle, RichardNijinsky. The definitive biography.
Bullough, Vern L.Homosexuality. A history.
Bullough, Vern L.Sexual Variance in Society and History
Bullough, Vern L., and Bullough, BonnieSin, Sickness and Sanity. A history of sexual attitudes.
Burg, Barry R.Sodomy and the Perception of Evil. English sea rovers in the seventeenth century Caribbean.
Burns, EugeneThe Sex Life of Wild Animals. A north American study.
Burns, John HorneLucifer With A Book
Burroughs, WThe Naked Lunch
Burston, PaulQueen’s Country. A tour around the gay ghettos, queer spots and camp sights of Britain.
Burston, PaulQueen’s Country. A tour around the gay ghettos, queer spots and camp sights of Britain.
Butler, K. T.Tools of the Trade
Caitlin, Ryan, and Futterman, DonnaLesbian and Gay Youth. Care and counselling.
Callen, MichaelSurviving AIDS [New York: HarperCollins]
Caminha, AdolfoBom-Crioulo. The black man and the cabin boy.
Campaign Against Public MoralsPaedophilia and Public Morals
Campaign for Homosexual EqualityWhat About The Gay Workers? A report of the commission on discrimination.
Campaign For ReasonTowards a Charter of Homosexual Rights
Campbell, Bernard G. (ed.)Sexual Selection and the Descent of Man, 1871-1971
Campbell, MichaelLord Dismiss Us
Campbell, ScottTouched
Camus, RenaudTricks. 25 encounters.
Cant, Bob, and Hemmings, Susan (eds.)Radical Records: Thirty Years of Lesbian and Gay History
Cantacuzino, MarinaTill Break of Day. Meeting the challenge of HIV and AIDS at London Lighthouse. [London: Heinemann]
Cantarella, EvaBisexuality in the Ancient World
Carpenter, EdwardBenjamin Britten. A biography.
Carpenter, EdwardLove’s Coming Of Age
Carpenter, Edward (ed.)Ioläus. An anthology.
Carson, PaulSocialism and the Fight for Lesbian and Gay Liberation. A Revolutionary Socialist League Pamphlet
Cartledge, Sue, and Ryan, Joanna (eds.)Sex And Love. New thoughts and contradictions.
Catalog of Sexual ConsciousnessCatalog of Sexual Consciousness
Catalog of Sexual ConsciousnessCatalog of Sexual Consciousness
Cathcart, BrianWere you still up for Portillo
Caudwell, ChristopherThe Concept of Freedom
Cecco, John P. (ed.)Gay Personality and Sexual Labelling
Chabron, MichaelThe Mysteries of Pittsburgh. A novel.
Chaitow, Leon and Martin, SimonA World Without AIDS
Chandos, JohnA Guide to Seduction
Channel FourOut On Sunday. Homosexuality, a subject for us all?
Chapman, GrahamA Liar’s Autobiography – Vol. 6
Chapman, Rowena, and Rutherford, Jonathan (eds.)Male Order. Unwrapping masculinity.
Charlesworth, KateExotic Species. A field guide to some of our British gays.
Chauncey, GeorgeGay New York. Gender, urban culture, and the makings of the gay male world, 1890-1940.
Chedgzoy, KateShakespeare’s Queer Children. Sexual politics and contemporary culture.
Chesebro, James W. (ed.)Gay Speak. Gay male and lesbian communication.
Chesler, PhyllisAbout Men
Chesser, Eustace Odd Man Out. Homosexuality in men and women.
Chesser, Eustace Sexual Behaviour. Normal and abnormal.
Chester, Lewis; Linklater, Magnus, and May, DavidJeremy Thorpe. A secret life.
Chopin, KateThe Awakening
Chopping, RichardThe Ring
Christopher StreetAphrodisiac. The best fiction from Christopher Street, America’s leading gay magazine.
Christopher StreetThe View From Christopher Street. Journalism from America’s leading gay magazine.
Church of England. Board for Social ResponsibilityHomosexual Relationships. A contribution to discussion.
Churchill, WainwrightHomosexual Behaviour Among Males. A cross-cultural and cross-species investigation.
Clark, DonLiving Gay
Clark, DonLoving Someone Gay
Clarke, Lige and Nichols, JackI Have More Fun With You Than Anybody
Clarke, Lige and Nichols, JackRoommates can’t Always be Lovers. An intimate guide to male-male relationships.
Cocteau, JeanPast tense. The Cocteau Diaries. Vol. 2.
Coggin, SarahSexual Expression and “Moral Chaos”
Cohen, ScottJocks. An intimate look at thirty-two superstar athletes on and off the field, in and out of uniform.
Cohen, Steve, et alThe Law and Sexuality. How to cope with the law if you’re not 100% conventionally heterosexual.
Colman, MarshallContinuous Excursions. Politics and personal life.
Colvin, MadelineSection 28,
Comfort, AlexSexual Behaviour in Society
Comfort, Alex (ed.)The Joy of Sex. A gourmet guide to lovemaking.
Company of NineSpeaking Out
Connor, Steve and Kingman, SharonThe Search for the Virus
Cooper, DavinaSexing The City. Lesbian and gay politics within the activist state.
Cooper, EmmanuelThe Sexual Perspective. Homosexuality and art in the last 100 years in the west.
Cooper, EmmanuelThe Sexual Perspective. Homosexuality and art in the last 100 years in the west.
Cooper, FionaJay Loves Lucy
Cooper, SimonThe Pretty Boys
Coote, Stephen (ed.)The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse
Coriolan, JohnThe Smile of Eros
Coriolan, JohnUnzipped. A novella and six short stories.
Corvo, BaronSee Rolfe, Frederick
Cory, Donald WebsterHomosexuality. A Cross cultural approach.
Cory, Donald WebsterThe Homosexual in America. A subjective approach.
Cory, Donald Webster (ed.)21 Variations on a Theme
Cotter, JimGood fruits. Same sex relationships and Christian faith.
Counselling HomosexualsCounselling Homosexuals
Counselling HomosexualsCounselling Homosexuals
Cowan, ThomasTheir Way. Gay men and women who enriched the world.
Craig, AlecAbove all Liberties
Crane, PaulGays and the Law
Crawford, IainThe Profumo Affair
Crew, LouieThe Gay Academic
Crisp, QuentinThe Naked Civil Servant
Crompton, LouisByron and Greek Love. Homophobia in nineteenth century England.
Crowley, MartThe Boys in the Band
Curtis, Wayne (ed.)Revelations. A collection of gay male coming out stories.
Curzon, Daniel (ed.)Gay Literature. Volume 1.
Curzon, Daniel (ed.)Gay Literature. Volume 2.
Curzon, Daniel (ed.)Gay Literature. Volume 4.
D’Arcangelo, AngeloThe Homosexual Handbook.
D’Arch Smith, TimothyLove in Earnest. Some notes on the lives and writings of English ‘Uranian’ poets from 1889 to 1930.
D’Emilio, JohnSexual Politics, Sexual Communities. The making of a homosexual minority in the United States, 1940-1970.
Daly, MaryGyn/ecology. The metaethics of radical feminism.
Darlow, Michael, and Hodson, GillianTerence Rattigan: The man and his work.
Davenport-Hinds, RichardSex, Death and Punishment. Attitudes to sex and sexuality in Britain since the Renaissance.
Davidson, MichaelThe World, the Flesh and Myself
Davidson, MichaelThe World, the Flesh and Myself
Davies, TerenceHallelujah Now
Davilla, JuanHysterical Tears
Davis, Melody D.The Male Nude in Contemporary Photography
De Forrest, Michael Jean (M. de F.)The Gay Year
De Hegedus, AdamDon’t Keep the Vanman Waiting. A chapter of autobiography.
De Jongh, NicholasNot in front of the Audience. Homosexuality on stage
De La Bretonne, Restif Nicolas-EdmeLes Nuits de Paris
De Rome, PeterThe Erotic World of Peter De Rome
Dean, RoyThe Naked Image
Degare, DavidMen at Work and Play. Photographs.
Denneny, MichaelLovers. The story of two men.
Dessaix, RobertNight Letters)
Deutsch, AlbertSex Habits of American Men. A symposium on the Kinsey Report.
Dewe Matthews, TomCensored. What they didn’t allow you to see, and why: The story of film censorship in Britain.
Diaman, N. A.The Fourth Wall
Diamant, Louis (ed.)Homosexual Issues in the Workplace
Dipple, Richard (ed.)Cracks in the Image. Stories by gay men.
Dollimore, JonathanSexual Dissidence. Augustine to Wilde, Freud to Foucault.
Donelan, GeraldDonelan’s Back [cartoons]
Donoghue, Emma (ed.)The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Short Stories
Dorian, LeeThe Other Men
Douglas, NormanSouth Wind
Dover, Kenneth J.Greek Homosexuality
Downing, ChristineMyths and Mysteries of Same Sex Love
Downs, AlanThe Velvet Rage. Overcoming the pain of growing up gay in a straight man’s world.
Doyle, Jennifer; Flatley, Jonathan, and Munoz, Jose EstebanPop Out. Queer Warhol.
Driberg, TomRuling Passions
Duberman, Martin BaumlAbout Time. Exploring the gay past.
Duberman, Martin BaumlCures. A gay man’s odyssey.
Duberman, Martin Bauml; Vicinus, Martha and Chauncey, George (eds.)Hidden From History. Reclaiming the gay and lesbian past.
Duffy, MaureenLove Child
Duffy, StellaWave Walker 
Dukahz, VladimirThe Asbestos Diary
Dyer, CharlesStaircase
Dyer, Kate (ed.)Gays in uniform. The Pentagon’s secret reports.
Dyer, RichardNow You See It: Studies on lesbian and gay film.
Dyer, RichardThe Culture of Queers
Dyer, Richard (ed.)Gays And Film.
Dynes, Wayne R.Encyclopedia of homosexuality, 2 vols.
Dynes, Wayne R.Homosexuality. A research guide.
Dynes, Wayne R. (ed.)Homolexis. A historical and cultural lexicon of homosexuality.
Dyson, A. E.Freedom in Love
Easlea, BrianFathering the Unthinkable. Masculinity, scientists and the nuclear arms race.
Easlea, BrianScience and Sexual Oppression. Patriarchy’s confrontation with woman and nature.
Ebert, AlanThe Homosexuals. The first book in which homosexuals speak for and about themselves.
Edge, SimonWith Friends Like These. Marxism and gay politics.
Edwardes, Allen and Masters, R.E.L.The Cradle of Erotica
Edwards, TimErotics and Politics. Gay male sexuality, masculinity and feminism.
Eglinton, J. Z.Greek Love
Ellenzweig, AllenThe Homoerotic Photograph. More images from Durieu/Delacroix to Mapplethorpe.
Elliman, Michael and Roll, FrederickPink Plaque Guide to London
Elliott, Grace Loucks, and Bone, HarryThe Sex Life of Youth
Ellis, HavelockImpressions and Comments. Second Series, 1914-20
Ellis, HavelockStudies in the Psychology of Sex. Vols. I-II
Ellman, RichardOscar Wilde
Elyot, KevinMy Night With Reg
Enk, FritsA Tree Is Known By Its Fruit
Eskapa, RayBizarre Sex
Essler, KevinStreetboy Desires
Everhard, JimCute and other poems
Ewing, William A.Love and Desire. Photoworks.
Faderman, LillianOdd Girls and Twilight Lovers. A history of lesbian life in twentieth century America.
Falkon, Felix LanceA Historic Collection Of Gay Art
Fallowell, DuncanA History of Facelifting
Farnan, DorothyAuden In Love. The intimate story of a Lifelong love affair.
Farout, BillyFresh from the Farm
Farrell, M. J. (Molly Keane)Devoted Sisters
Ferren, GeorgeFirst Time is the Hardest
Ferro, RobertThe Blue Star
Fierstein, HarveyHarvey Fierstein’s Safe Sex
Finch, MarkIn The Pink
Finmore, Rhoda LeeImmoral Earnings or Mr. Martin’s Profession [Report of the trial of Alfredo Messina]
Firbank, RonaldValmouth
Firestone, Shiva SmithThe Dialectic Of Sex. The case For feminist revolution.
Fischer, EricaAimee and Jaguar: A love story, Berlin, 1943.
Fischer, HalGay Semiotics. A photographic study of visual coding among homosexual men.
Fitzgerald, FrancesCities on a Hill. A journey through contemporary American cultures.
Fitzpatrick, Michael and Milligan, DonThe Truth About The AIDS Panic
Flecker, James ElroyGolden Journey to Samarkand
Fletcher, Lynne Y.The First Gay Pope and other records
Fone, Byrne R. S. (ed.)Hidden Heritage. History and the gay imagination. An anthology.
Forbush, William ByronThe Boy Problem
Ford, Michael ThomasAlec Baldwin doesn’t love me? Other trials from my queer life.
Forster, E. M.Abinger Harvest
Forster, E. M.Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson
Forster, E. M.Maurice
Forster, E. M. The Life To Come and other stories.
Forster, E. M.Two Cheers for Democracy
Foucault, MichelMadness and Civilization. A history of insanity in the age of reason.
Foucault, MichelThe Archeaology of Knowledge
Foucault, MichelThe Birth of the Clinic
Foucault, MichelThe History of Sexuality. An introduction.
Foucault, Michel (ed.)I, Pierre Riviere… having slaughtered my mother, my sister and my brother. A case of parricide in the 19th century.
Fox, Arthur W.A Book of Bachelors
Freeman, GillianThe Leather Boys
Frick, AaronReflections of a Rock Lobster. A story about growing up gay.
Friedman, Scarlet and Sarah, Elizabeth (eds.)On the Problem of Men. Two feminist conferences.
Fritchley, AlmaChicken Run
Fritscher, JackCorporal in Charge of Taking Care of Captain O’Malley.
Frye, EllenThe Other Sappho
Fuss, Diana (ed.)Inside Out. Lesbian themes, gay theories.
Gagnon, J. H., and Simon, W. (eds.)Sexual Deviance
Gale, PatrickArmistead Maupin
Gale, PatrickThe Facts Of Life
Galford, EllenQueendom Come
Galloway, Bruce (ed.)Prejudice and Pride. Discrimination against gay people in modern Britain.
Galloway, David and Sabisch, Christian (eds.)Calamus. Male homosexuality in twentieth-century literature, an international anthology.
Garber, MarjorieBisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life
Garber, MarjorieBisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life
Gardiner, JamesWho’s A Pretty Boy Then? One hundred and fifty years of gay life in pictures.
Garfield, SimonThe End of Innocence. Britain in the time of AIDS.
Garland, RodneyThe Heart in Exile
Gay Christian MovementExploring Lifestyles. An introduction to the service of blessings for gay couples.
Gay Christian MovementThe Bible and Homosexuality
Gay Engagement CalendarGay Engagement Calendar
Gay Engagement CalendarGay Engagement Calendar
Gay Friends and LoversGay Friends and Lovers. An intimate guide for gay men to the pleasures of a gay lifestyle.
Gay Friends and LoversGay Friends and Lovers. An intimate guide for gay men to the pleasures of a gay lifestyle.
Gay Jubilee [Boston]Gay Jubilee. A guidebook of gay Boston – its history and resources.
Gay Jubilee [Boston]Gay Jubilee. A guidebook of gay Boston – its history and resources.
Gay Left CollectiveHomosexuality: Power and politics.
Gay Men’s Diary 1983Gay Men’s Diary 1983
Gay Men’s Diary 1983Gay Men’s Diary 1983
Gay Men’s Health ProjectHealth and Venereal Disease Guide for Gay Men
Gay Men’s Health ProjectHealth and Venereal Disease Guide for Gay Men
Gay Pride 1979Gay Pride 1979 Souvenir Programme
Gay Pride 1979Gay Pride 1979 Souvenir Programme
Gay Rights at Work Committee [Ted McFadyen et al]Gays at Work
Gay Teachers GroupOpen + Positive. An account of how John Warburton came out at school and the consequences.
Gay Teachers GroupSchool’s Out. Lesbian and gay rights and education.
Gay Teachers Group/Socialist Teachers AllianceSchool’s Out. Gay rights and education.
Gay, PeterFreud, Jews and Other Germans. Masters and victims in modernist culture.
Gearhart, Sally, and Johnson, William R.Loving Women/Loving Men. Gay Liberation and the Church.
Genet, JeamThe Thief’s Journal
Genet, JeanDeathwatch
Genet, JeanOur Lady of the Flowers
Genet, JeanQuerelle of Brest
Genet, JeanThe blacks
Genet, JeanThe Maids
Genet, JeanThe Miracle of the Rose
Genet, JeanThe Thief’s Journal
Genet, JeanTreasures of the Night. The collected poems.
George, W LThe Story of Woman
Gettings, JohnCouples. A photographic documentary of gay and lesbian relationships.
Gever, Martha, Greyson, John, and Parmar, Pratibha (eds.)Queer Looks: Perspectives on lesbian and gay film and video.
Gibbon, EdwardThe Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Gibson, BarbaraMale Order. Life stories from boys who sell sex.
Gill, John‘From the Diary of Peter Doyle’ and other poems.
Gill, JohnQueer Noises
Gill, SeanThe Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement. Campaigning for justice, truth and love.
Gillman, HarveyA Minority of One. A journey with friends.
Ginsberg, AllenHowl and other poems
Giteck, LennyCruise To Win. A guide for gay men.
Glaser, ChrisUncommon Calling. A gay Christian’s struggle to serve the Church.
Goff, MartynIndecent Assault
Goff, MartynThe Youngest Director
Goff, MichaelOut in American: A portrait of gay and lesbian life.
Goldberg, JonathanSodometries. Renaissance texts, modern sexualities.
Goldberg, StevenMale Dominance. The inevitability of patriarchy.
Goldman, Ronald F.Circumcision. A modern review of an ancient Jewish ritual.
Goldman, Ronald F.Circumcision. A unique American cultural tradition.
Goldman, Ronald F.The Psychology of Circumcision
Goldman, Ronald F. (ed.)Why Circumcise? Personal statements, medical reports and alternative ceremonies
Gonsiorek, John C., and Weinrich, James D. (eds.)Homosexuality: Research implications for public policy. [Published in co-operation with the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues]
Gooch, BradJailbait and other stories
Goode, MarshallThe Chocolate Speedway
Goodich, MichaelThe Unmentionable Vice. Homosexuality in the late medieval period.
Goodman, JonathanThe Oscar Wilde File
Goodwin, JosephMore Man Than You’ll Ever Be. Gay folklore and acculturation in middle America.
Gordon, LindaWoman’s Body, Woman’s Right. A social history of birth control in America.
Gorham, Charles OrsonMcCaffrey
Gourmont, Remy deThe Natural Philosophy of Love
Gowling, JohnMarshall’s Big Score. A gay novel.
Grae, CamarinS.L.I.C.K.
Grahn, JudyAnother Mother Tongue. Gay words, gay worlds.
Grant, JuliaGeorge and Julia
Grau, GunterHidden Holocaust? Gay And lesbian Persecution In Germany 1933-1945.
Greasley, PhilGay Men at Work
Green, RichardThe “Sissy Boy Syndrome” and the Development of Homosexuality.
Greenberg, David F.The Construction of Homosexuality
Greif, MartinThe Gay Book Of Days. An evocatively illustrated who’s who of who is, was, may have been, probably was, and almost certainly seems to have been gay during the past 5,000 years.
Grey, AnthonyQuest For Justice. Towards homosexual emancipation.
Grier, Barbara [Gene Damon]Lesbiana. Book reviews from The Ladder.
Griffin, C. F.Haakon
Gross, Larry, and Ruby, JayStudies in Visual Communication. Volume 9, Number 2.
Grosskurth, PhyllisHavelock Ellis. A biography.
Grosskurth, Phyllis (ed.)The Memoirs of John Addington Symonds
Growing Up HomosexualGrowing up Homosexual
Growing Up HomosexualGrowing up Homosexual
Gruban-Black, Stephen D.Broken Gays/Mending Men. Recovering from childhood sexual abuse.
Grumley, MichaelLife Drawing. A novel…
Guyon, ReneThe Ethics of Sexual Acts
Hadleigh, BozeThe Lavender Screen. Gay and lesbian films, their stars, makers, characters and critics.
Haldane, BrodrickTime Exposure. The life of Brodrick Haldane, photographer, 1912-1996
Hale, KeithIn the Land of Alexander. Gay travels, with history and politics, in Hungary,
Hall, EdmundWe Can’t Even March Straight: Homosexuality in the British armed forces.
Hall, Leslie A.Sex, Gender and Social Change in Britain Since 1880
Hall, MarnyThe Lavender Couch: A consumer’s guide to psychotherapy for lesbians and gay men.
Hall, Richard WalterCouplings. A Book of Stories.
Hall, Richard WalterLetter From a Great-Uncle and other stories
Hall, Richard WalterThe Butterscotch Prince
Hall, Richard WalterThree Plays for a Gay Theatre
Hall-Carpenter ArchiveInventing Ourselves. Lesbian life stories.
Hall-Carpenter ArchiveWalking After Midnight. Gay men’s life stories.
Halperin, David M.One Hundred Years of Homosexuality and other essays on Greek love
Hamble, RayWhat’s Wrong with my Willy?
Hamilton, WallaceComing Out
Hancock, BobTruckin’, Suckin’, Sailor
Hanes, KenSpeaking Out. 425 gay men explain it all for you.
Hanscombe, Gillian E., and Humphries, MartinHeterosexuality
Hanscombe, Gillian, and Lumsden, AndrewTitle Fight. The battle for Gay News.
Hansen, JosephA Country Of Old Men. The last Dave Brandstetter mystery.
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