By Person

Some of the cuttings are indexed by person. The index is added to as we receive new material.

Important note: inclusion on this index does not imply anything about the sexual orientation of the person - they may have expressed an opinion on homosexuals or lesbians, have written a book on the subject, or someone else may have mentioned them in a newspaper cutting.

By Person:

A.A. Milne, Albany Trust, Ann Dally, Anthony Asquith, Anthony Storr, Austin Chambers, Ben Whitaker, Burgess, Castlereagh, Che Guvera, Colette, Colin Spencer, Compton Mackenzie, D.H.Lawrence, Dennis Potter, Denton Welch, Donald Maclean, Douglas Plummer, Dyfed, Ernst Rohm, Frank Harris, Gilbert Harding, Guy Burgess, H J Wilson, Ha Antony Grey, Ha/MRA, Havelock Ellis, Homosexual Law Reform Society, Ian Harvey, Jack Ruby, James Baldwin, Jean Genet, Jeremy Bray, John Addington Symonds, John Rechy, John Vassall, Kim Philby, Lawrence Durrell, Lee Oswald, Lord Alfred Douglas, Lord Arran, Lord Beaumont of Whitely, Lord Beaumont of Whitley, Lord Russell, M Ashley, Marie Stopes, Marjorie Proops, Mary Renault, Oscar Wilde, Radclyffe Hall, Richard Branson, Richard Crossman, Roger Casement, Roy Jenkins, Sir Cyril Osbourne, Stanley Baxter, Stephen Ward, Terry Sanderson, Wilfred Brambell, William Beckford, William Burroughs,