By Source

All of the cuttings are indexed by source. The index is added to as we receive new material.

By Source:

Belfast City Week , (source unknown), (Sunday) People, ?Grimsby Evng Telegraph, ?Oxford Mail, ?Star, ?Western Mail, ‘Citizens of no Meaning’, 19, Aberdeen Evening Express, Aberdeen Press & Journal, Aberdeen Press & Journal , Aberdeen Weekend Review, Accent, Actualididas (Portugal), Adelaide Advertiser (Australia), Aldershot News, Atlantic Monthly (U.S.A.), Atlantic Monthly (USA), Auckland Star (New Zealand), Auckland Star (New Zealand), Ayrshire Post, Banbury Guardian, Baptist Times, Barbados Advocate, Barrow News, Bath & Wells Chronicle, Bath & Wilts Chronicle, Battersea and Clapham Star, Beckenham & Penge Advertiser, Beckenham & Penge Advertiser, Bedford Record, Bedfordshire Times, Belfast News Letter, Belfast Sunday News, Belfast Telegraph, Belfast Times, Berkshire Chronicle, Berrow’s Worcester Journal, Bexleyheath Observer, Birmingham Evening Mail, Birmingham Evening Mail & Despatch, Birmingham Evening Mail & Despatch, Birmingham Evening Post, Birmingham Express & Star, Birmingham Mail, Birmingham Planet, Birmingham Post, Birmingham Sunday Mercury, Blackburn Times, Blackpool Evening Gazette, Bloemfontein Friend (South Africa), Bognor Regis Observer, Bolton Evening News, Bolton Evening Post, Bookseller, Bournemouth Echo, Bournemouth Evening Echo, Bournemouth Times, Bracknell News, Bradford Telegraph & Argus, Bradford Telegraph & Argus, Brighton & Hove Gazette, Brighton Argus, Brighton Evening Argus, Brighton Evening News, Brighton Gazette, Brisbane Courier Mail (Australia), Bristol Evening Post, Bristol Evening World, British Book News, British Guiana Chronicle (Guyana), British Hospital & Social Service Journal, British Hospital & Social Services Journal, British Hospital & Social Service Journal, British Hospital & Social Services Journal, British Hospital Social Services Review, British Medical Journal, British Stationer, British Weekly, Bromley & Kentish Times, Bucks Herald, Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina), Bulawayo Chronicle (Rhodesia), Bulawayo Sunday News (Rhodesia), Burnham-on-Sea Gazette, Bury Times, Calcutta Statesman (India), Camberley News, Cambridge Daily News, Cambridge News, Cape Argus (South Africa), Cape Argus Weekend Magazine (South Africa), Cape Times (South Africa), Cardiff Western Mail, Catholic Herald, Catholic Times, Chatham Standard, Chatham, Rochester & Gillingham News, Chelsea News, Chelsea News & West London Press, Chelsea News & West London Press, Cherwell, Cheshire Observer, Chester Chronicle, Chicago Daily News (USA), Chicago Tribune (U,S,A.), Chichester Observer, Chingford Guardian, Chislehurst & Kentish Times, Christchurch Herald, Christchurch News (New Zealand), Christchurch Press (Dorset), Christchurch Press (New Zealand), Christchurch Star (New Zealand), Christian, Christian Science Monitor, Boston (USA), Church News, Church of England, Church of England Newspaper, Church of England Newsletter, Church of England Newspaper, Church Times, City Press, London, Clarion (Surrey & Middlesex), Colchester Gazette, Contemporary Review, Cornish Times, Cornishman, Coulsden and Purley Advertiser, County Express and Dudley Mercury, Courier, Coventry Evening Telegraph, Crossbow, Croydon Advertiser, Cumberland Evening News, Cumberland News, Cyprus Mail (Cyprus), Daily Cinema, Daily Express, Daily Gleaner (Jamaica), Daily Herald, Daily Mail, Daily Mail, Johannesburg (South Africa), Daily Mirror, Daily News (South Africa), Daily Press, Daily Record, Daily Sketch, Daily Telegraph, Daily Worker, Darlington Northern Echo, Derby Evening Telegraph, Derbyshire Advertiser, Derbyshire Times, Discovery, Dominion (New Zealand), Dublin Evening Post, Dublin Review, Dublin Standard, Dublin Sunday Independent, Dublin Sunday Post, Dublin Sunday Press, Dublin Sunday Telegraph, Dumfermline Press, Dundee Courier, Dundee Courier & Advertiser, Dundee Evening Telegraph, Dunfermline Press, Durban Sunday Tribune (South Africa), East Anglian Daily Times, East Anglian Daily Times, Eastbourne Herald, Eastbourne Herald Chronicle, Eastern Daily Express, Eastern Daily Mail, Eastern Daily News, Eastern Daily Press, Eastern Evening News, Echo, Economist, Edinburgh Evening Dispatch, Edinburgh Evening News, Edmonton Journal (Canada), Empire News, Encounter, English Churchman, Epson and Ewell Herald, Erith Observer & Kentish Times, Essex Chronicle, Essex County Standard, Evening Argus, Evening Chronicle, Evening Express, Evening Gazette Blackpool, Evening Gazette, Blackpool, Evening News, Evening News and Star, Evening Post (Jersey), Evesham Journal, Exeter & Express Echo, Exeter Express & Echo, Exeter Express & Star, Fairbault News (USA), Family Doctor, Farnham Herald, Films & Filming, Films & Filming, Financial Post (Canada), Financial Times, Finchley Press, Freedom, Freethinker, Friend, General Practitioner, Glasgow Evening Citizen, Glasgow Evening Times, Glasgow Herald, Glasgow Observer, Glasgow Sunday Best, Glasgow Sunday Post, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucester Echo, Gloucester Journal, Gloucestershire Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo, Gloucestershire Gazette, Gloucestershire Herald, Gravesend Reporter, Greenock Telegraph, Grimsby Evening Telegraph, Grimsby Telegraph, Guardian, Hackney Gazette, Hackney Gazette & North London Advertiser, Hampshire Chronicle, Hampstead & Highgate Express, Hampstead & Highgate Record, Hampstead & Highgate Express, Hampstead & Highgate Record, Hampstead Express, Hampstead News, Hansard, Hants & Berks Gazette, Harpenden Free Press, Haslemere Herald, Hastings & St. Leonards Observer, Hastings Evening Argus, Hastings Evening Post, Hastings Observer, Health and Strength, Hellenic Review, Hendon and Finchley Times, Hereford Evening News, Hereford Times, Hertfordshire Pictorial, Herts Advertiser, Herts. Advertiser, Hinckley Times, History Today, Honey, Hornchurch Echo, Hornsey Journal, Hospital & Social Service Journal, Hospital & Social Services Journal, Huddersfield Examiner, Hull Daily Mail, Humanist, Humanist News, Ilford Advertiser, Ilford Pictorial & Guardian, Ilford Recorder, Illustrated London News, Illustrated Sunday Herald, In Cant (University of Kent newspaper), Ipswich Evening Star, Irish Independent, Irish Press, Irish Times, Isis (Oxford), Islington Gazette, Issues in Criminology, Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Observer, Johannesburg Star (South Africa), Johannesburg Sunday Express (South Africa), Johannesburg Sunday Times (South Africa), John O’ London’s, John O’London’s, Journal & Western Mail (Newcastle), Justice of the Peace & Local Government Review, Justice of the Peace and Local Government Review, Justice of the Peace and Local Govt Review, Kensington News, Kensington Post, Kent & Sussex Courier, Kent Messenger, Kentish Daily Press, Kentish Express, Kentish Gazette, Kentish Independent, Kentish Mercury, Kidderminster Times, Kilburn Times, Kinematograph Weekly, King, Labour’s Voice, Lancashire Evening News, Lancashire Evening Post, Lancashire Evening Telegraph, Lancet, Law Journal, Law Society: Gazette, Leamington Courier, Leicester Evening Mail, Leicester Evening News, Leicester Mercury, Leigh Reporter, Lewisham Journal, Leyton & Leytonstone Guardian, Liberal News, Liberal News Commentary, Life of Faith, Lincolnshire Chronicle, Lincolnshire Daily Echo, Lincolnshire Daily Press, Listener, Liverpool Daily Mail, Liverpool Daily Post, Liverpool Echo, Liverpool Post, London Evening News, London Evening Post, London Evening Standard, London Magazine, Luton Evening Post, Luton News, Lymington Times, Macleans Magazine, USA, Malay Mail (Malaysia), Malvern Gazette, Manchester Chronicle, Manchester Daily Express, Manchester Daily Mail, Manchester Daily Telegraph, Manchester Evening Chronicle, Manchester Evening News, Manchester Evening News & Chronicle, Manchester Guardian, Marylebone Gazette, Marylebone Mercury, Marylebone Record, Mayfair, Medical News, Medical Officer, Medical Press, Medical World, Melbourne Age (Australia), Melbourne Herald, Melbourne Herald (Australia), Methodist Recorder, Miami Herald (U.S.A.), Miami Herald (USA), Middlesborough Evening Gazette, Middlesex Advertiser, Middlesex Chronicle, Midwife and Health Visitor, Mitcham & Tooting Advertiser, Montgomery County Times, Montreal Gazette (Canada), Montreal Star (Canada), Morecambe Guardian, Morning Advertiser, Morning Advertiser, Morning Star, Morning Telegraph (?), Morning Telegraph (Sheffield), Mother & Baby, Nassau Daily Tribune, Natal Daily News (South Africa), Natal Daily News, (South Africa), Natal Mercury (South Africa), Nelson Leader, New Christian, New Law Journal, New Left Review, New Milton Advertiser, New Republic (USA), New Society, New Statesman, New York Herald Tribune, New York Herald tribune (Paris edition), New York Herald Tribune (U.S.A.), New York Herald Tribune (USA), New York Nation (USA), New York Times, New York Times (U.S.A.), New York Times (USA), New Yorker (USA), New Zealand Advertiser, New Zealand Herald, New Zealand Herald (New Zealand), New Zealand Herald (NZ), New Zealand Herald, Auckland, Newcastle Chronicle, Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Newcastle Sunday Sun, Newcastle upon Tyne Evening Chronicle, Newcastle upon Tyne Journal, News Chronicle, News of the World, Newscastle Sunday Sun, Newsweek (U.S.A.), Newsweek (USA), North Borneo News (Malaysia), North Devon Journal, North London Press, North West Evening Mail, North Western Evening Mail, Northampton Chronicle, Northampton Chronicle & Echo, Northampton Chronicle & Echo, Northampton Evening Telegraph, Northern Daily Mail, Northern Despatch, Northern Echo, Northern Evng Telegraph, Northern News, Ndola (Northern Rhodesia) , Northern Whig, North-Western Evening News, Nottingham Evening News, Nottingham Evening Post, Nottingham Evening Post and News, Nottingham Guardian, Nottingham Guardian Journal, Nottingham Weekly Guardian, Nova, Nuneaton Evening Tribune, Nursery World, Nursing Mirror, Nursing Times, Observer, Observer (Canada), Oldham Evening Chronicle, Oldham Weekly Chronicle, Orpington & Kentish Times, Otago Daily News (New Zealand), Otago Daily Times (New Zealand), Otago Times (New Zealand), Ottawa Citizen (Canada), Outlook, Oxford Magazine, Oxford Mail, Oxford Times, Paddington Mercury, Pall Mall Gazette, Palmers Green & Southgate Gazette, Parade, Parish Newsletter (St Peter, Warmsworth, Doncaster) , Peace News, Pelican, People (?Australia), Peterborough Advertiser, Peterborough Citizen, Peterborough Evening Telegraph, Petersfield Post, Pilgrim Quaker, Plays and Players, Portadown, Northern Ireland, Portsmouth Evening News, Practioner, Prediction, Pretoria News (South Africa), Private Eye, Pulse International, Punch, Queensland Courier Mail (Australia), Radio Times, Rand Daily Mail (South Africa), Reading Evening Post, Reading Mercury, Reading Standard, Reveille, Reynolds News, Rhodesia Herald, Richmond & Twickenham Times, Richmond & Twickenham Times, Richmond Herald, Rochdale Observer, Rocky Mountain News, Rome Daily American (Italy), Royal Gazette (Bermuda), Salisbury and South Wilts Gazette, Salisbury Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle (U.S.A.), San Francisco Chronicle (USA), San Francisco Examiner (U.S.A.), San Francisco Examiner (USA), Saturday Review (U.S.A), Saturday Review (USA), Scarborough Evening News, Science Newsletter, Washington (USA), Scotsman, Scottish Daily Echo, Scottish Daily Express, Scottish Daily Mail, Scottish Sunday Express, Scout News, Scunthorpe Evening Chronicle, Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph, She, Sheffield Gazette, Sheffield Morning Star, Sheffield Morning Telegraph, Sheffield Star, Sheffield Sunday Mail, Sheffield Telegraph, Shields Gazette, Shields Gazette & Shipping Telegraph, Shropshire Express & Star, Shropshire Star, Sketch, Smiths Trade News, Social Action, Socialist Leader, Sociology, Solicitor’s Journal, Solicitors’ Journal , Somerset County Gazette, Somerset Guardian, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), South China Post (Hong Kong), South East London Mercury, South London Advertiser, South London Observer, South London Press, South Wales Argus, South Wales Echo, South Wales Evening Post, South Wales Voice, South Yorkshire & Rotherham Advertiser , Southend Standard, Southern Evening Echo, Southern Evening Echo, Southampton, Southland Daily News, Southland Daily News (Invercargill, New Zealand), Southland Daily News (New Zealand), Southland Daily News, Invercargill (New Zealand), Southland Times (New Zealand), Spectator, Staffordshire Evening Sentinel, Star, Statist, Stirling Observer, Stockport Advertiser, Stourbridge County Express, Stratford Express, Streatham News, Stroud News & Journal, Sun, Sunday Citizen, Sunday Dispatch, Sunday Express, Sunday Mail (Rhodesia), Sunday Mail, Salisbury (Harare, Zimbabwe), Sunday Mercury, Sunday Mirror, Sunday People, Sunday Pictorial, Sunday Post, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, Sunday Times (Magazine), Sunday Times Magazine, Sunderland Echo, Surrey Advertiser, Surrey Comet, Surrey Mirror, Sussex Express, Sutton & Cheam Advertiser, Sutton & Cheam Herald, Sutton and Cheam, Swindon Evening Advertiser, Swindon Evening Advertiser, Sydenham, Forest Hill & Penge Gazette, Sydney Daily Telegraph, Sydney Daily Telegraph (Australia), Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Sydney Sun (Australia), Sydney Telegraph, Tablet, Tailor & Cutter, Teacher, Telegraph & Argus, Telegraph & Argus, Bradford, Thames Valley Times, The Flame (USA), The Journal, The Month: Life and Work, The Outlook (New Zealand), The Practitioner, The Royal Gazette (Bermuda), The Sketch, The Star, The Star (Jamaica), The Statist, The Visitor (Morecambe, Heysham and Lancaster), The Visitor, Morecambe & Heysham, and Lancaster, The Visitor, Morecombe and Heysham and Lancaster, Thought (India), Time & Tide, Time & Tide, Time (U.S.A.), Time (USA), Time and Tide, Time, New York (U.S.A.), Times, Times Educational Supplement, Times Literary Supplement, Titbits, Topic, Tornoto Globe (Canada), Toronto Daily Star, Toronto Globe, Toronto Globe (Canada), Toronto Star (Canada), Toronto Telegram, Torquay Herald Express, Town, Transaction, Tribune, Truth, TV Post (Belfast), Twentieth Century, U.K. Press Gazette, Ulster ?, Union News (Leeds University), Universe, Universe & Catholic Times, Universe & Catholic Times, Uxbridge Post, Vancouver Sun (Canada), Vanguardia Espana (Spain), Vanity Fair, Variety (USA), Varsity, Viewer (Newcastle-on-Tyne) , Visitor (Morecambe, Heysham & Lancaster), Wallington & Carshalton Advertiser, Walthamstow Express & Star, Walthamstow Guardian, Wandsworth Borough News, Washington Post (USA), Watford & West Herts Post, Watford Evening Echo, Weekend, Weekend Mail, Wellington Evening Post (New Zealand), Welwyn Times, West Australian, West Australian (Australia), West Australian, Perth (Australia), West Lancashire Evening Gazette, West London & Kensington Gazette, West London Gazette, West London Observer, West Sussex Gazette, West Wales Guardian, Western Daily Mail, Western Daily Press, Western Evening Herald, Western Evening News, Western Gazette, Western Independent (Plymouth), Western Mail, Western Morning News, Western Times (Exeter), Westminster News, Westmoreland Gazette, Weston Mercury, Willesden & Brent Chronicle, Willesden Mercury, Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard, Wimbledon Borough News, Wimbledon News, Winchester City Magistrates, Windsor, Slough & Eton Express, Winnipeg Free Press (Canada), Winnipeg Tribune (Canada), Wolverhampton Express, Wolverhampton Express & Star, Wolverhampton Express & Star , Wolverhampton Gazette, Woman, Woman’s Mirror, Woman’s Realm, Woman’s Sunday Mirror, Worcester Evening News, World Medicine, Worthing Gazette, Worthing Herald, Wrexham Leader, Yorkshire Evening News, Yorkshire Evening Post, Yorkshire Evening Press, Yorkshire News, Yorkshire Post,